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So far working as it should but loses a start as does not come with software for the USB software and so far unable to find it but if I do I will update as things progress. Add to Basket. Usually dispatched within 1 to 3 months. Dalgleish Oxford, UK. Looks good and not too heavy. But I was disappointed to find the battery is not user replaceable.

Could not see that mentioned in the listing. Quick Charge 3. Usually dispatched within 3 to 5 weeks. Bought to replace an ageing unit 7 years old. Having the front display is a very nice feature - enabling you to monitor battery level and load used without having to install the software console or connect to it remotely - especially useful as I am using this to power a CCTV system.

DIY Portable Off Grid Electrical System using APC UPS backup electrical power supply

As always the APC unit is high quality and it looks nice rack mounted with the included rails and ears. Sort by Author Post time Ascending Descending. Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. Next Last. UPS backup power supply worth it? Are UPS backup power supplies worth it? Do they really protect equipment better when compared to a surge protector? I have expensive video equipment and a computer connected to a surge protector right now and was wondering if a UPS would be better.

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Depends on your local power quality. If your area has above ground cable connected to your house and has frequent storm related blown out, a surge protector is generally enough to protect. If you need them running during a blown out. A UPS is obvious better.

Eaton 10kva Ups Price

Which means you are not going to get more protection. A UPS's general purpose at least the way I was explained was they are a short term backup to essentially power down your device in an appropriate manner in case of a power failure.

Or save your work and power down. A surge protector is meant to protect against a power surge, ie when your power is getting restored, generally there is very large inrush of current and that's what causes your devices to pop. An aside, you should replace your surge protector every so often.

Replacement Batteries for UPS & Battery Backups

They are only rated to work properly for a certain amount of time. If your computer shuts down when you haven't saved your work yet. If you save your work often, it may mean only a few minutes but it could be an hours worth of work. If you are in the middle of an operation and the computer is writing to the disk while power goes off, the file could be incomplete and unusable. Unlikely but still possible. Basically with a UPS, your computer has software either supplied by the UPS vendor or Windows itself that will monitor its state using a USB connection and save the work for you or power down gracefully hibernate mode.

That way you will never lose your work.


For projectors, since they usually go into a "cool down" state where the fan stays on for a minute or two after you power down, a UPS would protect against the projector not being able cool down properly. For other gear, it's basically overkill. Getting some kind of good surge protector is good enough.

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