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Here’s The Outrageous 9/11 Tweet The New York Times Quickly Deleted

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I tried Yeez… Read more. Try25 26 26 Comments. Epey 33 33 Comments. Free delivery on all orders with JD! Free delivery use code D4L19! The packaging is outrageous! Code CES. MelAllan83 Is this a unidays code? Removing all traces of an image, video, post, or other information on a Web site becomes more difficult the longer the data resides on a public server. Even if you sign up for a service such as Reputation. I described Reputation. File a complaint about privacy-invading YouTube videos I was reminded of how difficult it can be to erase inappropriate Web content when a friend asked me last week how he could remove an embarrassing video on YouTube that his friends had posted back in his college days.

He couldn't remember his old YouTube username and password, and the college e-mail address he used as his ID was long gone.

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The video was the first result that appeared whenever anyone searched his name on the site, and while it wasn't as outrageous as some unflattering YouTube content can be, it certainly did not show him in his best light. The YouTube Help site explains how to recover a lost account name or password, whether or not the account is linked to a Google ID. YouTube began requiring a Google account last year. In this case, someone else had uploaded the video. If my friend were still in contact with the person, he could ask that they remove the unwanted content.

This leads to the YouTube Safety Center page, where you're asked to identify your issue.

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You're then led through a six-step wizard, after which you're presented with the Privacy Complaint form. The form asks for your real name, your e-mail address, the user name of the person who posted the video, the video URL, and your reason for wanting the content removed.

YouTube gives the uploader 48 hours to take action on the complaint and promises to notify you by e-mail once the uploader or Facebook has acted on the complaint. Does the process work? I haven't tried it, although I'm tempted to ask the service to remove a video review I made back in for a GPS device that has been off the market for years. The video was posted by a former employer and now serves only as a reminder of why I don't make videos for a living.

If my friend decides to go the complaint route, I'll let you know if he succeeds in having the unflattering video removed. Untag yourself from Facebook photos To my wife, Facebook is the Internet. She loves communicating and sharing with friends and family members located all over the world. Unfortunately, some of her contacts tag her in nearly all the photos they upload to their Facebook accounts.

This causes tremendous clutter to her photo collection on the site. The quick and simple solution is to select the photo, find your name in the caption, and click "remove tag.

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If you added a tag to someone else's photo, only the person who posted the photo and the person tagged may remove the tag. You can tag a photo with the names of people who are not on your Friends list.

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