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I loved it worked there for 16 years. Great place good benefits I was rico supervise for 13 years of the 16 years that I work for the company from produce support management overnight maintenance forklift trainer operator. Good first job, flexible hours for class, got raises early on, they pay 11 now starting in OK. Could use better management tho my manager was good, decent person.

While I was compensated well after having been there for 15 years, I can tell you it wasn't roses. Management was very inconsistent in dealing with people and operations. Walmart was a good job i loved the company honestly its juss a few things wrong nothing major thoe. Management was sloppy telling everyone business never fixing real problems but there workers are really hardworking people that get the job done.

Lovevand miss them they where truly Like a family. Call it being a disgruntled employee, but this is NOT the place to turn to for a job. I've been with the company for four years now since April and it's only gotten worse. Within the four years I've witnessed many people quit, only to be told different things. The bottom line is that there is NO advancement for a genuine hard worker.

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They are not looking for you to move up if you actually work hard, have goals, and continue to bust your butt. They want you to stay in the same spot until you just stop complaining about being overlooked. Not every Wal-Mart is like this. This is the second Wal-Mart that I've been at and every other Wal-Mart that I go to or just talk to employees they've told me the same thing, they get overlooked for one reason or another. If you're a disabled person, please do not ever apply. From what I've seen, they don't care. Someone lost their benefits by a member of management threatening them with their job if they didn't stay.

The associate was on disability and wasn't there to make money, but to have something to do. At the particular Wal-Mart that I am at; I have seen many things. I've seen management actually care only to not within about a month or so of being at this store. If you're not bullied to do your job and someone else's job, favoritism strongly comes into play.

There's a difference between being accommodating and actual favoritism. I, myself, have been bullied by management on several occasions and when brought higher, the matter is joked about. Yes, I said emotional.

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Not relationship wise, but they will quite often play the pity party on themselves to get you to do what they want and then turn on you whenever you have a genuine problem. This isn't the place to make a career anymore. From what I've heard, southern states are the worst. Northern states are not so bad. I've seen people being bullied put of their jobs and to move to different shifts. It isn't right. No one should have to feel like the world is better off without them because of the managers.

No one should ever have to endure any of it because of the managers.

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Carey Paul Honda's certainly ready for your business at their terrific body shop. Without a doubt, the auto professionals at Carey Paul Honda will take care of all My trip began the day after Christmas at am. I drove straight to Boise making just one stop at the border to fill up on gas. After 6 hours of driving I had arrived at my destination! Upon my arrival I went to the Comfort Suites, the official hotel for any team playing the Stampede, and got on their computer to check out what was going on in the world. After exceeding the 15 minute time limit, head trainer Nate Hunt walked by and saw me with my Flash shirt on.

After a double-take he realized that it was me. In confusion he asked me a few questions then went on with his business. Getting closer to game time I hurried back to the hotel to see if I could catch a few guys before they took off to Quest Arena.

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I got there just in time to watch them loading up in the taxi. I walked inside to get warm, passing by former Charlotte Bobcat call-up Dontell Jefferson.

He chuckled and said hi to me, remembering last year when I drove up. Before the preseason game in Burley the Stampede staff gave away BOGO coupons hoping that a fellow Idahoan would make the 3 hour trip up for a game. When I walked down to the court to watch the team warm up the guys saw me and all started smiling and shaking their heads as they greeted me and continued to take shots. Mark Madsen gave me the opportunity to rebound for the team with him. The attendance for the game was , a thousand below the D-League average. The game started off great; it looked like the Flash would walk over the Stampede, making 8 of their first 11 shots and jumping out to a lead.

At the end of the first quarter the teams were all tied up at The third quarter wound down with back-to-back buckets by both Lee Cummard and Luke Nevill and the Flash led by ten, up Then came the 4th quarter…. Things started off well enough with a three point bucket by Ingram, who leads the league with 33 of them. From then on it went back and forth until left in the game. The Flash had the lead at lead but would shoot just from the field and score just five points in the final five minutes.

With left in the game, down one, Carlos Wheeler went hard to the bucket and was fouled by Boise State alum Roberto Bergersen. Wheeler missed both free throws. Luckily for the Flash, Mildon Ambres would miss a three point attempt at the other end and Carlos would have another shot at the line. This time he made both, giving the Flash a lead with 42 seconds to play. Bennett Davis fouled Lanny Smith with five seconds left and both free throws were made, giving the Stampede a one point lead.

The inbounded pass was stripped at the other end of the court as time expired and that was the game.

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Final Score: Utah 96, Idaho Final Stats pts-reb-ast-stl-blk Utah: O. Green: A. Ingram: C. Wheeler: D. Jefferson: L. Nevill: B. Davis:

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